Guest Post: Hallowe’en Cycling Mix (60 minutes)

Thanks, I can’t wait to try it

Per gli SPINNING…ghisti….

S p i n n i n g M u s i c

halloween pumpkin bikeGot a note from intrepid California instructor Lisa Goldman asking if I would be interesting in sharing her Hallowe’en playlist with you.  My response?  Hell, yeah!  So, just in time for Hallowe’en week, here’s Lisa:

Confession time: I made a Halloween playlist about 7 years ago and I’ve recycled it every year since.  I figured, “Hey, who’s gonna remember what I played a year ago?”  Well, if not them, then me. I pulled out my trusty Halloween mix, and I just couldn’t do it this year. Not entirely anyway. Truthfully, this new playlist is only about 50% new. But once I ditched Monster Mash and Thriller, it felt 100% new. Besides, I used to make a joke about imagining being chased my Michael Jackson’s over-eager plastic surgeon during Thriller, and now that being chased by MJ’s doctor is actually terrifying, the joke doesn’t play that well anymore. Time for something…

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Giro MTB domenica 27/10/2013

Gran bel giro. Più grande la compagnia.

Oggi, complice la nebbia, SALITA. Insieme a Angelo, Massimiliano, Carlo, Simone ed Enrico abbiamo “scalato” nell’ordine: Selva, Stufa, Monte Fogliano (lato San Martino). Alla fine, 1150 mt di dislivello e 54 Km c.a.. Non male.

Piccola caduta di Enrico. (quando c’è la foto, la caduta è proprio da niente)CAM00176

Questa è l’altimetria:27-10-2013_alt

Ed ecco la traccia GPX del giro.

Alla prossima